Tony Carnesi

Is Your Business All You Expected It To Be?

Do Your Profits Reflect Your Investment Of Work And Time?
Do You Have All The Information YouNeed To Make Critical Decisions?
If you answered no to any of these, then Carnesi Consulting may be right for you.

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Have More Cash

What steps are in place to ensure your customers pay on time?

  • Do your vendors partner with you to help your business success?
  • Do you have a banker who values you and your business?
  • Establish routines, processes and relationships to maximize the cash you have on hand.

Remember: Happiness is a Good Cash Flow! See our services to get started.

Run Your Company, Don’t Let It Run You

Are you spending too much time on the day to day operations of your business?  

  • Train your managers to do just that, manage!
  • Forget crisis management; Learn proactive management skills.
  • Create and implement seamless process and procedures that get the job done the first time.
  • Learn to run an effective meeting.
  • Improve communication.
  • Focus on what makes you the most money.

Get The Most From Your Employees

Are you getting the help you really need? Do your employees know exactly what and how they should be doing their job? Do you?   Learn how to: Hire and review your employees effectively. Create job descriptions that are meaningful to both you and your staff. Create an incentive compensation plan. Reward your staff based on the results that they produce.

Plan Strategically

How do you define success?   Establish goals and set a plan in place. Identify and manage your most significant profit centers and costs. People who aim and nothing have an unusual sense of accuracy!